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OSUBH publishes Supplement in Public Health magazine - Belo Horizonte Observatory for Urban Health

OSUBH publishes Supplement in Public Health magazine

Capa Suplemento Saúde UrbanaSupplement released in November 2015, in “Cadernos de Saúde Pública”(Public Health magazine (vol.31, supplement 1)), approaches its landmarks, dilemmas, prospects and challenges, highlighting innovative and metrics-oriented concepts to assess determinants urban and social and public policies, originating from both the health sector and outside it. The articles in this issue consider the interconnection of urban and health determinants, by theoretical approaches, as an interesting debate about complex systems, and empirical studies with innovative concepts and methods, including those designed for the evaluation of urban public policies built on an intersectoral approach. Noteworthy is also at a high level forum, the work of observatories in which are being developed and tested the solutions for urban health to meet local needs, based on experiences worldwide and health intelligence. Worth reading!