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Case 341


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A 52-year-old male patient sought specialized outpatient care complaining of "clear spots" in the face region, which was progressive, with an increase in lesion size, about 2 months ago. He has no comorbidities. At the physical examination, hypochromic spots, sometimes pinkish, of varying size on the face and hypochromic spot associated with leukotriquia in the axillary region, not previously observed by the patient, are evident. Lesions do not show scaling or altered sensitivity.

Based on the clinical history and images presented, which diagnosis is most likely?

a) Pityriasis versicolor


b) Vitiligo


c) Seborrheic dermatitis


d) Inderteminate leprosy



- Vitiligo is characterized by achromic and asymptomatic macules, without clinical signs of inflammation;
- It also affects both sexes and any age with peak in the 2nd and 3rd decade of life;
- Its etiology is unknown, although there is an association with autoimmune diseases;
- The diagnosis is clinical, and Wood's light is used for differentiation of hypochromic and achromic macules;
- Phototherapy and immunomodulators are used to stabilize disease activity and repigmentation of achromic macules.


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Daniela Tereza Gonçalves Manso, 5th year medical student at UFMG

Giovanni Oliveira Carvalho, 5th year medical student at UFMG



Renan Bernardes, resident of the 2nd year of dermatology, for assistance in the selection of photographs.


Dra. Vanessa Barreto Rocha, dermatologist, guest lecturer at the Discipline of Dermatology, Federal University of Minas Gerais.


Rafael Valério, Gabriel Santos, Vinícius Avelar, Elaine Iwayama

Translated By

Eduardo José Paolinelli Vaz de Oliveira, 6th year medical student at UFMG

Test question

(SURCE 2015) Patient attends for evaluation of white spots on the skin. There is no pain, itching or any other symptom. You notice hypopigmented lesions in the upper chest (Figure 1). These lesions take on a scaly appearance after traction of the local skin by the examiner (figure 2). Which are the most probable diagnostics?


a) Vitiligo


b) Tinea corporis


c) Lichen simplex chronicus


d) Pityriasis versicolor





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