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Case 205


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62 year-old male patient seeks medical care complaining that his hand is “becoming bent”. He states that the process has started over 10 years ago, with the appearance of some lumps in his palm, and that he does not feel pain, only a slight itch. He has hypertension, taking 50 mg of losartan a day, drinks alcohol frequently, is a chronic smoker and has worked as a drover for 50 years. Upon physical examination, his fourth and fifth fingers were rigid and incapable of complete extension.

Based on the history and the image, which of the following are the observed alteration and possible risk factor, respectively?

a) Quervain's tenosynovitis – Repetitive strain injury


b) Trigger Finger - Idopathic


c) Dupuytren’s contracture - Alcoholism


d) Palm calluses – Labor


Image analysis

Image 1: Left hand photo, showcases contraction of the palmar fascia, with the formation of cords directed to the fifth finger, which stays in fixed flexion (red arrow).


- The Dupuytren’s Contracture is a relatively common, benign and insidious disease.

- It is considered a idiopathic disease, but is associated with consumption of alcohol, smoking and diabetes.

- It affects mostly males over 40 years of age, with its incidence increasing with age.

- The diagnosis is clinical and based on history of painless rigidness of the fingers and characteristic findings in the physical examination, such as firm lumps and cords stuck to the skin and bending of the fourth and fifth fingers, mostly.

- The treatment seeks the improvement of the flexibility of the tendons. Surgery is indicated when the patient has a metacarpophalangeal contracture of 30 degrees or more, and no longer is able to pace his opened hand over a flat surface.


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Hercules Hermes Riani Martins Silva, 6th year medical student at UFMG.

E-mail: herculesriani[arroba]


Ubiratan Brum de Castro, Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology –UFMG

E-mail: ubrum(arroba)


Luísa Bernardino, André Guimarães, Fabio M. Satake, Júlia A. Petrocchi and Profa. Viviane Parisotto.

Translated by

Rafael Fusaro Aguiar Oliveira, 4th year medical student at UFMG.

E-mail: rafusaro[at]


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